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Thursday 26th June, Lunch @ Bond No.9


'Big Data & Analytics'

Revolutionising business in the 21st century

With Dr Calum Alexander


Although most businesses may have heard of 'Big Data', they don’t always know how it can help them, or even consider it relevant to them.

Dr Calum Alexander ofData Science and Analytics Limited has more than two decades of experience within leading edge IT, scientific and business data analysis, on Thursday 26th of June at 6 Degrees Networking lunch he will share some of his knowledge on the subject and explain how we as businesses, can apply some of these 'Big' ideas to our own offering.

Business and customer interactions today are mainly reliant on digital channel data, from web site data (search engine optimisation - SEO), mobile services to social media. This will not only increase, but accelerate as the amount of data available via the internet increases.

If used correctly, the potential to business is huge: Big data offers unprecedented insight, improved decision making, and untapped sources of profit.

Consequently the data that we need to collect and process to solve business problems has become so large and complex that a different set of technical and business skills are required to take advantage of it.

This means that we need to view our business data, and the way we treat it differently, not just as information behind a software tool, but as a core company asset.









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Residential Estate & Asset Management

We really enjoyed the 6 Degrees Breakfast meeting Chris. You held the space beautifully with just the right mix of structure, networking and humour.
It was nicely relaxed but with purpose. We'll be back!
Rosie Dorontic
First Eclipse Consulting